Who will I BEE?!

Whoa. I just got accepted to be a Bee on WeddingBee!  I applied a couple of months ago, when I first started writing and didn’t have derby to take care of me anymore, and then I tried to just stop thinking about it.  And then I wrote about my quilt and then I got an email!  And they want me!

So now that someone has asked me to blog regularly for a big, all official audience, I have to write a bio and I am stuck stuck stuck.  Everyone has cute bios.  Please write one for me.

I did not expect to be as excited as I am right now!  I’m all nervous and fluttery.

Here’s what I said on my application:

Why do you want to be a weddingbee blogger?

Our wedding is pretty low-key, but we’re still excited about it!  It seems smaller than many of the other weddings on the site, but I feel like I would still have a lot to contribute in way of craftiness and resourcefulness. I love that weddingbee reaches so many people, and I would be honored to be a part of the hive!  Weddingbee is part of what started me blogging, and I will always be grateful for that, whether I end up being accepted or not.

I found weddingbee when Turtle and I began talking about getting married and I found a lot of inspiration for art projects and things to think about when thinking about getting married.  One thing that was hard was not seeing anyone that I felt I could really identify with at the time, though I think that has changed with the introduction of Miss Veggie and Miss Stripes, who are crunchy (former) and a lesbian (latter).  These are not the only things that define me, but are aspects of myself that I have trouble finding represented.  I think that I can offer a new perspective on a lot of wedding-related topics; I am not the strongest crafter (I have NO idea how to use a sewing machine) but I am good at using the resources I have, and I love to talk about them and share ideas.  I also love the idea of being someone that other people can identify with.  I responded to a post for the first time when Miss Stripes joined, and I hope to be someone who inspires someone else who has been silently reading to pipe in!


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2 responses to “Who will I BEE?!

    2.) I totally see you as Miss Sand Dollar. You could even put a hyphen in it and be Miss Sand-Dollar cuz your last name is hyphenated (right? I sent your craft it forward thing yesterday).
    3.) Go with your bio from here. It is sufficiently cute :).

  2. AUGH! YAY! SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME. yes. I just really felt the need to use that many caps! Ha ha. Yippee! I’m soooooooo excited for you! 🙂

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