Crafty contributions

About a year ago, one of our coworkers made a baby!  This in itself is, of course very cool, but the way it ties into my wedding is that this baby got a quilt.  A former coworker emailed a bunch of people to see who was interested, and then mailed out squares of fabric to design a square for the quilt.  The theme was something like “earth and sky” and people made designs with birds and flowers and trees.  Then they mailed their squares in and, lo and behold, a quilt appeared!

Now one of our amazing friends has offered to create a similar quilt for our wedding!  I think the theme will be “Turtle and Bird are Amazing”.  No, but really, I don’t know that there will be a theme beyond: Please Make a Quilt Square for the Wedding of Turtle and Bird.

Last week we went to a fabric store and pulled out about 30 rolls of fabric and lay them all out on a table.  I’m pretty sure the people who worked there LOVED us, though no one said “You’re not allowed to do that!”  Maybe they were just shy.  Anyway, we started by eliminating the colors that clearly didn’t match or that one of us hated, and we finally got it narrowed down to four colors/patterns:

The one on the left is a little more gray with some green mixed in than you can see in the picture, and the next one over is a ncie pale green.  The orange is fairly accurate, and the one on the other end is a nice brown.

Our plan is:

1. Find interested parties.

2. Send interested parties two random squares and a return address to our lovely Quiltmaker Meredith (heretofore referred to as QMM).  This way all squares will be similar, if not matching.

3. QMM is amazing and makes a quilt!

4. We either incorporate or display quilt at our wedding, if it is ready – otherwise we just get it later 🙂

What they did for baby Amelia’s quilt was send out an evite for making the squares, and we are thinking of doing this for all of our friends/acquaintances/family/anyone who might possibly be interested.  We obviously can’t invite everyone to the wedding but there are still people who have expressed interest.  Thoughts on that?

I love having something that represents many people’s contributions to and support of us, especially if it’s something we can either display or curl up under.

Here is another closeup of our beautiful colors:

Are you/Would you do anything untraditionally crafty – and ask your friends, family, and guests to do something crafty – for your wedding?  Also – do you want to make a square?  Any suggestions on how to go about accomplishing this?



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5 responses to “Crafty contributions

  1. Sue B

    I would love to make a square. 🙂

  2. yes. we want to make a square! I’m a little confused about what exactly your “squaremakers” do….Do you send them a few fabrics and the size you want the final square to be or…..??
    Anyhow, LOVE this idea and am a really big fan of wedding projects that you will keep for a very very long time. Versus wedding projects your guests will ooh. ahh. and then throw in the trash. ya know?

  3. Melissa

    I will totally make a square or two! Can I hand piece them? I love quilting! I would love to do the actual quilting and binding for you if you want someone to do that. Let me know, I love you!

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