I hate shoes.

All you naysayers and supporters, what do you think of those?

Really I’m in love with these, but they’re out of stock. Argh.

Ugh, I hate shoes. I can’t find anything.  Suggestions? Anyone?



Filed under Marriage/Wedding/Engagement

3 responses to “I hate shoes.

  1. sisterface

    they’re both super cute!!! i like the top ones more for the wedding, but you should definitely get the most comfortable ones or the ones you’ll definitely wear again. i vote top!! or both and you can change for dancing (and treat yourself, which you deserve)…


  2. I LOVE the top ones! Super cute!

  3. I love the top ones! They’re so fun and cute and interesting. And I totally sympathize with your shoe problem. I like sneakers and cowboy boots and that’s about it. Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we can’t fail at footwear. Shoes are hard!

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