Falling in (wedding-related) love

This week, we did four huge wedding-related things.  Look at us go!

First, we decided what rings we’re going to get.  We are going to splurge on the rings that we love.  It feels okay to splurge a little – other wedding things are very budget-restricted, but we decided early on that rings wouldn’t be in the official budget, since they’re not something that is just for one day.  So buying the expensive rings that we absolutely love feels okay (not breaking the budget, even if they break the bank a bit) and like a good celebration… in the end, they’ll hopefully come out to be less than $20/year, which sounds good to me.

Second, we worked on our vows.

Third, we got our caterer! We had our tasting and it was A.Maze.Ing. Seriously, my mouth is watering thinking about it.  We’re getting our chairs, which we spent two seconds deciding about, and we’re getting our fancy tables and linens that will look nice.  I have read before on other wedding blogs about how people have spent hours, even days, agonizing over linens and chairs, and I am incredibly grateful to have been spared that process.  And yet we’re still going to have very nice chairs, if I may say so myself.  And then! Our caterer came out to us.  While we’re not out hunting for The Gay Vendors, it is really nice to be able to support other gay people through our celebration of gay love, and that is the most times I will say “gay” in one sentence, I hope.

And fourth, we got our music!  We’re ironing out the details, but we found a group that we love and they are willing to work with us to stay in our (probably too-small) budget!  Their emails are really nice, and they sound excited about our wedding.  And we are excited about our music!

One thing that I’m incredibly grateful for in all of this is how much we like the people we are working with.  The jewelers who designed and will hopefully make our rings are incredibly nice, and were happy to let us try on everything in the store, discussed all of our options, and replied to our emails.  The caterer responds to my emails in about 10 minutes and is very friendly and also excited – and I already talked about how fantastic our band is.  I knew that we would want to work with people that we liked, but the support that we’re getting from these strangers who will be at our wedding, who will be such a big part of our day, is overwhelmingly wonderful.

So, not that anyone asked, but oh well – my advice is, no matter what you’re doing, find someone you love.  Find someone who is excited the way you are excited, and someone that you can be yourself around.  I’ve been so looking forward to marrying Turtle, and to doing it with our friends and family around – but only now am I also really excited about this amazing party that we’re going to be throwing.


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