Skilled at Getting Scuffed Up

Now I will take a break from wedding posts and show you lots of pictures.

I was going to sit down and write about how I’ve never been especially athletic, because that is something I’ve believed all my life – that only other people are athletes.  And then I realized that I have now spent over a third of my life actually being athletic, so it’s just not true anymore!  How cool is that?

The other thing I’ve spent about a third of my life doing is getting hurt while participating in various athletic activities.

photo by coach kelly, i think

First, I was a rower.  I never did anything athletic before this, unless you count playing outfield and striking out for ten years of softball (big dyke, anyone?) and doing crunches before bed every night.  I think at the time I considered those things “working out,” but joining the crew team opened my eyes to that attitude!  I joined the crew team my freshman year of college; I was bisweptual and that’s me stroking (being the first person everyone else follows) in that picture!  Rowing was one of the best things I have done in my life.

photo by whoever was stroking

And then I hurt my back.  Not uncommon when you’re a small rower.  The obvious next step?  Coxing!  That’s where you sit in the boat and tell all of the people who are bigger and stronger than you what to do, and you convince them to keep doing it.

photo by coach eric

I joined the men’s team, which was an education.  We won a medal!

Talking to boys, and yelling at boys, is way different than talking to/yelling at girls.  Also, way more fun.  Again, see: bossing around bigger, stronger people.  I never got hurt coxing, unless you count the time we flipped the boat and it was scary.

When rowing stopped working for me, I started bicycling.  And then I joined roller derby.  And in between, sometimes I scuba dived (dove?) and hiked.  And I suppose I only really got hurt once playing derby, and pretty well injured if I may say so myself.


diving with my dad

My very first bicycle race!

But since I stopped roller derby in February (boooo), I have been a little lost.  Missing the endorphins and the structure and the time spent.

I mentioned that earlier this week I freaked out a bit about our financial situation and went on a run to shake it off.  And now I’m hooked! Instead of taking the dog out for a boring walk around the block, we’ve been going for a 20 minute run every day.  It’s amazing.  I feel so good afterward, and the Beast is exhausted for the rest of the day.

Funny story though – as I mentioned before, it seems I’m skilled at getting injured.  So, sorry for all the photographs, but here is a story in pictures for you; what you don’t see is my leaving for the run, or the car passing us, or my awesome dog leaping in front of me to chase the car.  Or my flying slow-motion over the dog and skidding along the sidewalk and tearing my favorite pants.

my knees hurt and i'm sad about it

also my hand hurts! ouch!

Look! My left knee has a heart-shaped wound! Also, my legs are very hairy, which is a post for another day. But in the meantime, check out this post.

I am mad at Daphne, and express this by waking her up to shake my fist at her.

But forgiveness is a virtue, especially when the puppy smells good. And also doesn’t realize she did anything wrong.

Between my not-broken nose and my knee and hand injuries, I’m not sure I do feel safe entirely safe at home.  But I think the lack of safety is compensated for by the cuteness of the beast and these newfound endorphins. If I can just stop getting hurt and stick with this, I think I’ll be in a really good place.

*Side note: This post feels boring to me, except that it was fun to find these old pictures.  Someone asked me to write non-wedding posts, and this is what I came up with.  So if you have suggestions, things you want to hear about, questions, please ask/suggest/comment!  I would love to branch out but I worry it won’t be interesting.  Help?  kthx.


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4 responses to “Skilled at Getting Scuffed Up

  1. Ellie Leonardsmith

    I don’t mind hearing about other parts of you! I know you’re some official wedding blogger and whatnot, but I happen to be interested in all of you!

    Good knee bruises/scrapes! Those are the kinds of injuries I used to show to my Dad, and he would say “Ooh, that’s a good one! Yeah!” (I wonder if that was a precursor to derby??)

    Also, I just recently discovered running again, TOO! It started when practice was canceled, and I wanted some exercise and needed to exercise Harriet. It’s only happened twice now, but I see big things ahead. 🙂

    • Ms. E

      Since you bike(d) and (now) run you should do triathlons with me! I just got a new bike and I’m super excited. Northwestern has a triathlon club that I’m going to join that has coaches and stuff. Yay!

  2. pamaloo

    i agree with ellie! i actually found this post really inspiring, for some reason… maybe it was the photos or sweet puppy or just the awesomeness of you, but now i’m inspired to get my running shoes on once again and drag my sorry butt outside this weekend… (and apparently to reply to every one of your last three posts because i’m procrasting doing my stinky job) whoo-hoo!

  3. OMG I’ve TOTALLY had that same hand knee scrape combo. Twice. I fall down a lot :(. I’m totally with you where I am realizing that although I wasn’t into sports growing up, I fully intend to spend the next 40-60 years playing hockey, running long distances, doing triathlons, scuba diving, and playing new, interesting sports. I write a sports column now, for crying out loud, and I still think I’m not particularly athletic. I think often I confuse “athletic” with “good at sports” and you can totally be one without the other.

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