Craft it forward

Yay craftiness!  I’m not sure that the things that I craft are considered, ahem, “good,” but they are things that I enjoy making and that bring me a lot of peace, and get my mind to slow down.  Part of my problem is finding the motivation to make something, and then to stick with it even if it doesn’t come out just right the first time around.

But Ellie from Wedding for Two is helping me out with the inspiration piece of this!  A couple of weeks ago, she posted about crafting it forward. The idea is that you get something that someone else has handmade, and then you make something for five other people.  Ellie got picked by someone else, and then offered to craft for the first five commenters, and I got picked, so she’s going to make me something.

And now I’ll make something for five people who comment on this post!  So get commenting!  If there are only five of you, you’ll totally get something, but if there are more than five I’ll just pick people at random (using a fancy randomizer or something).  If you do comment, tell me your favorite color or animal or something interesting… yay!

In the meantime, I’m going to try to run with this inspiration thing while it’s here and go make brownies. Yum.



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7 responses to “Craft it forward

  1. Ellie Leonardsmith

    I like green! And tree grain!


  2. I like RED right now. It’s like a revelation for me, actually.

    Also I like bees right now. And hounds and mountains and love.

  3. pamaloo

    orange! and i love dogs, the written word, sparkly vampires, and my best friend… oh, and her fancee too! 🙂

  4. mandi

    You don’t know me, but I like red, sheep are cool, and I want to be a farmer (in Vermont) when I “grow up.”

  5. Allison Chandler

    I like yellow, and grey kittens, and elephants, and roommates who live in different buildings or even states!

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