Weekend lessons, or Weddings Are CRAZY

Lesson number 1 of the weekend: if your dog has especially athletic skills, such as the ability to leap six feet in the air from a dead stand-still, it’s probably a good idea to be careful when you ask her to go somewhere near you.  For example, do not try to teach her that a certain space is her bed by leaning over it and saying “bed” while you are standing right next to your actual bed.  Possible outcomes of this scenario include her leaping over the bed you indicated and onto the bed that is yours, connecting the hard part of her head directly with your nose and resulting in blood pretty much everywhere.  Additional possible results include a crooked nose and a debate about whether it’s worth it to go to the doctor.  Next time you see me, see if you can tell which direction my new nose curves in. Or, as Turtle corrects, see if you can tell me in which direction my new nose curves. This is why I love her, people.

my nose totally curves to the left now. stupid nose.

Lesson number two: wedding related stuff is crazy. CUH RAZE E.  This is not necessarily news.  Anyway, we looked at some wedding rings last week – you may have heard – and were talking to my family about it when we learned that this weekend was Wedding Ring Weekend at a store that just so happens to be on the way back home from my parents’ house (where we spent the weekend).  And who doesn’t want to go to a Wedding Ring Weekend?  Okay, don’t answer that.  In all honesty, I try not to attend events with “Wedding” in the title, because it seems that most of these events are far more about the one day and the showiness of it all than they are about a marriage or relationship or the big life changes you are making.  But hey, we need wedding rings, it was on the way home, it seemed worth it to check it out.

The store was FULL of people, and it was hard to even see all the cases at first; there was a lot of waiting around to look in a particular case or to find someone to show us something.  Once we did, we found that some people were super helpful, willing to be flexible with what we wanted (none of that, “What do you mean, no diamonds? You deserve diamonds, hon,” from the salespeople, thank goodness.), and tried to find us things that were similar to what we were expressing interest in.  Side lesson here, another possible-not-surprise: just because an event is not gay-unfriendly, and some of the staff are perfectly nice to us, a clearly lesbian couple, that does not make an event gay-friendly.  One guy was very short with us and would not make eye contact once it was clear that we were looking for matching rings.  Um, no thank you, sir.

At points it just felt like a feeding frenzy.  A very shiny feeding frenzy.  We left empty handed but full of delicious free cake samples, and ready to go back to the cozy little jewelry shop we saw last week.

Lesson number three: getting married is fun.  Or this process of getting married is fun.  It’s fun to work out the kinks and talk through the steps.  It’s fun to look at readings and talk to our families and be excited about this event to celebrate how much we love each other and that we found each other. We had our first session today with the minister who is officiating our wedding, and it was really great.  Everyone should do some sort of counseling like this.  We took a test a couple of months ago that looked at our compatibility around several different issues.  We took the test individually and were not allowed to discuss it until today.  Today, we talked about the things that we matched on, and the things that we answered completely differently.  It was very educational.  One highlight: our minister saying, “You should get married!”

So besides my possibly broken nose and feeling overwhelmed by the swarming weddingclone swarms, this weekend was warm and cozy and lovely. How was yours?

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