Speedy McSpeederson

Speed Metal is pretty much the coolest person in the whole world.  Well, besides Turtle, but I’ll forgive Metal for not cleaning up after me all day yesterday – it is not in the “Skater Sister” job description, which I think is probably appropriate.

Metal was one of my skater sisters during my several months trying out for derby, and she was pretty much amazing.

Reasons Metal is awesome:

  1. Her dog is really cute.
  2. She plays roller derby.
  3. She’s a super supportive skater sister while still being completely honest and pushing you!
  4. She has an awesome sling!

Ways you could also be awesome:

  1. Get a cute puppy.
  2. Play roller derby.
  3. Get an awesome sling!

As many of you know, the process of trying out for roller derby is pretty intense, involving months of practicing and basically pretending you’ve already made it, because you need to dedicate so much time and energy to it.  Then after a couple of months of learning how to skate for derby and learning how to play, there is a final scrimmage with all the freshmeat, and the captains make their decisions that evening.

So imagine going through all those months and putting in all of that effort, only to have someone fall on you during the last scrimmage. The result of this:

my clavical is broken and may be disconnected from my sternum floating around. Vicatin tells me I want to go to ikea after xrays and barf on my phone.

But derby girls stick together!  Check out this sweet email to the lady who broke her:

Dear dread,

I’m glad you crushed me (and other BDD girls) because when ppl ask
(like millions of nurses and doctors) I can say a really rad girl
smashed me :D.


Metal just opened her shop a couple of weeks ago; right now she only has slings but hopes to have accessories for unbroken folks in the future – including awesome fanny packs!  She also plans to have crutch pads soon – which I can tell you would be amazing.

Her slings are made for practicality and comfort: they are reversible! So that you can choose which fabric feels best on your skin day to day or which pattern suits you… there’s also additional fabric on the strap for extra comfort along the neck.

After Speed Metal broke her collar bone and had surgery, she had to wear a sling all the time, including while showering and sleeping.  She had only two slings from the hospital, and said, “about 2 weeks in the hospital issued slings I began to break out in a horrible itchy rash on my arm from the scratchiness and lack of ventilation from the material.”

Even though she couldn’t even go to the bathroom on her own, she felt the need to be productive – something I totally understand.  Since eating and watching TV made her sick, she started crafts!  Even on a crazy amount of drugs and with only one functional arm, she made the sling you see her wearing in the picture above! She also made the tutu she’s wearing *and* the one her adorable dog is wearing!

Getting injured skating and trying to stay a part of it while your teammates are surging ahead of you is a really tough process, probably even harder mentally than it is physically.  Here is what Metal had to say about her healing process:

February was the beginning of the derby season and I was being carted from event to event with my eyes glazed over. I was feeling better that I had a sling that was soft and cool and new bandages that were also more ventilated. As I started to regain my sanity and got over my intense withdrawal from opiates I continued to go to bouts all over New England to pass the time which was normally allotted for skating. It was pretty awesome to have strangers come out of the stands at bouts or stop me in the grocery store asking me where I bought my ‘fabulous’ sling. It was a relief to have conversations turn away from how I got hurt to how awesome my sling was.

This February was my anniversary of my injury and the month in that I am healed enough to remove my plate. I decided to turn that pile of fabric I have impulsively bought over the years into slings as part of a small healing process. Now that I’m ‘healthy’ I haven’t entirely gotten over the mental hurdle of the possibility of succumbing to another traumatic injury. That original sling is a small reminder that I got through the experience with the love and support of derby girls, family, lots of drugs and health insurance. These new slings are helping me through a new hurdle in life which is dealing with teetering on the edge of unemployment as an art teacher in this economy. Speed Slings has become my bridge between art, derby and work (or lack there of). I also have a new appreciation for morphine because its really hard to sew and I’m using two hands this time.

By the way my hospital suites (all 4 of them) were the most happenin’ place to have a derby party thanks to Killay, Quick Sandy, and Lil’ Paine

So if you skate or don’t skate or know someone with an aptitude for getting hurt, go check out Metal’s shop, and become a fan on facebook!


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  1. I have heard a lot of girls talk about the mental hurdle of getting back on the track after an injury, especially a serious one. I guess bikers kind of have to go through the same thing. Both can be really dangerous, and after you’ve gotten hurt you’re basically putting yourself back into the exact same situation you were in when you got hurt. But, you’ve just gotta do it for the love of it!

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