Current State of Affairs

Today is like that day in second grade where all day I kept saying “I don’t feel well,” and no one sent me home and the nurse said I was fine and I felt miserable all day and then when we were waiting for our buses to be called, I walked up to Mrs. Simpson’s desk and said, “Mrs. Simpson? I think I might -” and then I vomited all over the floor.

Yeah, you all should have listened when I said I was sick!

Except, today I’m a grownup so I just came home from work.  My fabulous fiancee left for her volunteer work at a farm and I promised I’d be fine… but I’m a wimp when I’m sick and called her as soon as I could stop vomiting.  Oops.  So now she’s coming home to take care of me, because she is wonderful.

So, sorry for the detail but I promised myself I’d post something every single day, and today you get a post about my current state of health.

For your entertainment, a picture of Daphne about a week after I got her, when I stayed home sick from work and she was the cuddliest comforting puppy ever:

For the record, this is not what she is doing right now.  No, I just yelled at her for eating out of the litterbox. Again.  What can I say? Some things change.


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