Prom was my favorite, ever!

And by prom, I mean derby prom. I mean, real life prom had its perks (see: looking so good in my dress, hair, and makeup that people didn’t recognize me (uh, in a good way? yeah?); see: leaving right after pictures to drive to a beach and walk around barefoot in the sand in our formalwear), but it also kind of sucked (see: high school kids I didn’t like when they weren’t being gross dry humping on the dance floor).

Derby prom, on the other hand, was amazing.

This was Turtle’s first prom, ever.  It was also a big deal because I asked her to go with me before we started dating.  Yeah, this may have included a check box with the options yes, no, or maybe. Or, do you want to be my date to prom and then my girlfriend and then i’ll ask you to marry me and you’ll say no a bunch of times but then you’ll say yes and then you’ll be my fiancee?

Okay, that last option wasn’t on there.  But it obviously should have been.

Anyway, it was her first prom and my first experience with Etsy (LOVED my dress!), and just a few hours before the prom actually started, I rode my bicycle as fast as I could to Harvard Square and bought her a corsage and surprised her with it.  We had one beer at prom, danced to a couple of songs, and spent most of it sitting at a table and talking about how maybe someday we wanted to get married.  We’d been dating for, oh, 11 days.

So the reason I’m writing about this is that Constance is not allowed to take her girlfriend to prom.  So now someone is starting a gallery of lesbians at their proms! I love this.  And I love prom, or at least some proms.  So go check it out, and submit your pictures, if you have any!  Better yet, send ME your pictures too so I can post them! Yeah!  Even if they’re with men.  I’m kind of excited about having prom pictures.

Also, tell me about your prom experience! Readygo.


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