Crafty? Perhaps. Resourceful? I think yes.

I do not know how to sew.  I tried to sew a hole closed on my vest once, and it worked for the purposes of keeping the stuffing from coming out, but it did NOT look nice.  I am not one to hem, alter, or create anything with fabric.  I even messed up one of those ironing-glue-hem things.

Also, I do not have photoshop.  I do know how to use it, but I can’t get my hands on it and I can’t make pretty little pictures with all our person information taken out like you might see on other wedding websites.  I can’t make beautiful inspiration boards that are easy to adjust.

That said, I know how to get very creative with PowerPoint.  I know all of the image adjustments, how to line things up, how to bring things to front or back or group them or take a bunch of images and chop them up and turn them into a new image.

Today I was cleaning out a box that I should have unpacked a long time ago (this is pretty unheard of for me, but I occasionally do it, especially when I’m bored and no one is around to comment on such behavior) and found some of those DIY address labels.  With some dragging and dropping and cutting and pasting, and of course the magical Powerpoint, I made this!

It has the tree from our stamp, with our actual names and current address on it.  I’m so excited about these!  Look, we really live together! I think this is adorable.

So for those of you who are interested and program-atically challenged, as I am, here is what I did:

1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint and insert the image that you want to take a piece of.

2. Click on the image to highlight it, then make sure to insert the picture toolbar.

3. With image still highlighted, click on the crop button on the picture toolbar.

4. Your cursor will change if you hold it over one of the little squares on your image.  Click and drag to move the lines and cut out portions of the image.

5. Insert a rectangle, and make sure that it has no fill.  I measured the address labels and then used the ruler in powerpoint to make the rectangle the appropriate size.  Once I knew how big the box should be, I adjusted the tree and the font to fit.  To line up, highlight everything on the screen by dragging over it.  Then go to “Align or Distribute” and “Align middle” to center the images appropriately.

6. Insert a text box within your box, and then highlight and select a font.

I couldn’t get the template for the labels to work online, so again I had to turn to my handy dandy Microsoft Office.  Once all this image stuff was done, I counted the number of labels per sheet and inserted a box into Word with the appropriate number of rows and columns, and adjusted the width and height to the measurements of the labels (given on the package).  Then I copied and pasted my final image into each box.

After I printed one, I had to adjust the margins a bit so that the image fell within the boundaries of the actual labels.

Um, this is one of the most boring posts I’ve ever written.  Is this stuff interesting to you?  Did I leave out obvious stuff?  Please tell me what to do better. Even if it’s “never write a how-to post again”.  Kthx.


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