Let’s talk about food.

I think that there are a lot of romances that revolve around food.  People have a similar palate, bond over love of certain restaurants, and know exactly what foods they want to serve at their wedding.

We are not those people.

I think that saying food is a bit contentious would be stretching it a little bit, but Turtle and definitely do not have the same edible loves.  When we had our first (and only) meeting with a caterer, it went something like this:

Him: So, what kinds of foods do you like? Spices, flavors?
Turtle: Well, I would love there to be some meat…
Me: …and I’m a vegetarian.  But I do eat fish, and I love salmon, so it would be great to have some smoked salmon or something like that.
Him: Great!  So we’ll start with some seafood as the main dish.
Turtle: Well, I don’t eat seafood.

And it goes on.  My favorite foods include salmon (she hates it), avocados (she tried it once to satisfy my curiosity, and, yup, she hates it), and cilantro (she’ll take it or leave it).  She likes Indian food (I finally agreed to eat some a year and a half into our relationship – not as bad as I though it would be) and red meat (haven’t touched it in 13 years).  I think that I’m less picky than Turtle is, but she doesn’t have many foods that I really love.  I’m sure that the process of picking foods is really fun and exciting for a couple that shares food interests, but for us it’s been a bit of a stumbling block.


Yes, there’s an until.  Until we decided to have brunch.

Who doesn’t love brunch?  The possibilities of foods to serve are almost endless, and there’s definitely something for everyone.  I have so many fond memories of various brunch events.  And who doesn’t love mimosas?  Please don’t answer that last question.  Everyone loves mimosas.

Sweet deliciousness for people who want sweet and delicious breakfast-y things…

More savory options are also a possibility.  And I LOVE the tea with the crystal-sugar-stirrer-thing (that’s the technical name for it).

This needs no caption, I need to go clean up my drool.

And after brunch, we eat pie! Ohmygoodness.

We’re still trying to figure out who is going to cater our wedding and what it will look like and what we can afford.  But I think we’ve really hit on it with brunch.  We can include all our favorite things!  Tea, breakfast, cheese, and tea.  Did I mention tea?


(okay I know you totally want to come to my wedding now, but instead how about we got out for brunch, like, tomorrow? who’s in? did i mention i’m all alone for a week? come eat with me!)


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5 responses to “Let’s talk about food.

  1. Sticky

    When does D get back? Are you busy Tuesday for dinner?

    • Boo, she gets back on Tuesday! Any other time between now and then that would work for you?

      • Sticky

        Unfortunately no. But honestly I have been so sick lately I would probably have to cancel on you anyway. Between work and sickness I’ve been down and out for two weeks, and I am still croaking away. Get at me on facebook and we will meet up soon, whether D is home or not (she can come too!).

  2. I LOVE brunch! I so wanted a brunch wedding, but I really didn’t want to have to get up crazy early just to do my hair, and I wanted dancing. We’re having a morning-after brunch though. Our food selection process was pretty painless. I listed everything I love and he sorta-likes; we listed everything both of us love; and he mentioned the one or two things he hates. I hope he writes about our catering search soon, before he forgets everything.
    What do you eat when you’re together? I would find it very difficult to be with somebody who has such different tastes.

    • I figure we’ll be wide awake early with the excitement/anticipation of it all! I also love the idea of having the rest of the day to be really low key and enjoy each other/our guests. Brunch is pretty much the best meal of the day.
      I think we eat pretty bland stuff when we’re together, or we’re flexible and I can add things I like to my meals (spices, cheese on burgers) when we eat together. I’m sort of surprised it has worked out so well with such a big difference, but it hasn’t been a problem. Sometimes it’s disappointing when I have REALLY GOOD salmon with avocado and why can’t she just taste how AMAZING it is? But it’s a pretty silly thing to worry about in the scheme of things – plus I get to eat ALL the salmon and avocado 🙂

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