Day 1 of being all alone

no one is here to cuddle with me except this dumb dog. and the cats. yeah, so maybe i'm not ALL alone.

Turtle went to Florida for a week, because when you don’t have job-ligations, you can go anywhere!  Well, really she went to visit her BF, and she went for a week because tickets for a week were cheaper than tickets for less than a week.  And, come on, who doesn’t want to go to Florida for a week in the middle of March?

So I am home all alone with the menagerie, responsible for feeding everyone, taking Daph out for every single one of her walks, cleaning the litter box every day, and, perhaps most challenging, feeding myself.

When Turtle is here, I usually feed us both.  I cook a pretty good dinner!  And even since we’ve been buckling down on money stuff and only buying “necessary” groceries (I mean, potato chips and cereal are necessary, right?), I’ve been pretty good at getting creative and feeding us both something yummy.

But now that I’m home alone… well, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a pretty good dinner, no?

So lovely readers, please come over and eat with me sometime this week – I’ll cook! – or tell me yummy things to make that are worth the work it takes to make them.  Otherwise I’m going to go through the cereal cabinet awfully fast, and that will be embarrassing.  Though not too embarrassing for me to tell you about it on my blog.



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5 responses to “Day 1 of being all alone

  1. Dude! Chili is easy and cheap! (And can be vegetarian, if you swing that way 😉

    This is one chili recipe I’ve been making recently when Seth is at swimming (I don’t usually cook, so we have to find simple meals for me to make):

    It also makes enough to freeze some for later if you want or whatever.

    • ooooh that sounds good! maybe i’ll actually try it… last night i made egg salad, which felt pretty adventurous. it was, of course, during commercial breaks from LOST, because I have to have my priorities straight. thanks for all your comments, they make me happy! 🙂

  2. ellieleonard

    I have this issue sometimes, too… getting in food funks because I’m only cooking for myself. Great recipe I made the other day, though, was just cooking up some rice, marinating some tofu in soy sauce (both activities that you can leave to their own devices for a while), and then stirfrying some veggies to go in it. I added all Asian spices I could think of (ginger, peanut oil, teryaki sauce, more soy sauce, garlic, etc) and it turned out pretty yummy.

  3. sister

    my version of Turtle is going to DC next week. Dinner together on Tuesday?

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