How to throw an awesome engagement party, Part 3

So you’ve heard part 1 and part 2 of our excellent engagement party, and hopefully I can tell you about the rest of it in this last post!  After the scavenger hunt madness died down, we collected in the living room for a competitive round of Bird/Turtle jeopardy!

[A note: our real names are not really Bird or Turtle.  Surprise! I am not going to type our real names, because I don’t necessarily want a Google search for us to end up here, but I also not going to take our names out of the pictures I post.  For the purposes of showing how awesome my sister is, and how clever this jeopardy set-up was, I will disclose in writing that our names begin with M (me) and D (her).]

I’ll spare you the suspense…these are our names:

My awesome sister incorporated the first letters of our names into each category:

Some of the questions (and answers) were:

Where was their first unofficial date? (at a work event… teehee, dating coworkers is a good idea?)
What was Turtle’s motto on their first date? (“Flirt more, think less.”)
Who named Daphne? (Turtle did! Again, I’d like to point out that this whole dog thing was her idea.)
Who proposed first? (I did!)
What “alternative” holiday do Bird and Turtle celebrate in December, and what do they do on that day? (Solstice, go for a walk in the woods.)
What body parts are missing from one of D&M’s cats? (At the time, acceptable answers were a toe or an eye, but now we can add teeth to the list – he had them all out last week. Poor One-Eyed Jake.)

The board, in all its glory:

We made an effort to have the teams be more or less even and comprised of people who knew both of us.  I don’t remember what all the teams’ names were, but they were clever and silly.  I think one of them was Team Fabulously Good Looking.

A portion of said team looking fabulously good.

Again, I don’t remember all the team names exactly, but these wonderful people were members of a team called something along the lines of Team Third Place.  You can see the confusion on their faces.

This is a portion of Team Kangaroo, or something equally irrelevant.  They could also be referred to as Team Mom, since both of our moms were on this team, and no one else seemed to participate much.  Team Mom won!

My lovely sister, who put everything together and MCed the game.

The lovely Turtle, who kept score and drank tea. She’s so pretty.

After the game was over and we handed out the prizes, people began to drift away and had more dessert and tea.  After a little bit, my sister returned from retrieving some food in the kitchen and said, “All the gay boys are clustered around the coffee, wondering how you know all these things!”

Apparently it has now been determined that lesbians remember every little details (dates, who said what, etc) and gay men don’t even think of those things!  The guys kept saying, “Do you know where your first date was?” “No, do you??”

I’m not sure everyone does, but I remember dates and Turtle remembers details, so between the two of us, we can put together some pretty impressive jeopardy questions!


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