Basic facts and information

I have two important things to accomplish.  The first is to show you these shoes, which I think I am in love with.  I have not seen them in person, and I have no idea if they would feel like “me”… but I keep drooling a little when I look at them.  So here they are:

Nicole "Blessed" buckle bootie (click for source)

BEAUTIFUL, right? A little girly, a little vintage-y… love them. Have no idea if I’ll ever see them in person… we’ll see.  Downsides: I hate heels, and they are called “booties”.  Upside: besides being pretty, they are only available in my size.  A sign?

The second thing I wanted to do is answer some questions!  Sometimes I have nothing interesting to say, but I can answer questions.  And you can tell me if you have any questions by using my fancy google document here. Thanks for the questions, Anna!

Also, you can see the answers to some gay-wedding-specific questions on my page Gay Wedding What?

when are you getting married?
We’re planning on getting married in mid September, hopefully when it’s still warm enough out to be sleeveless, but far enough into the fall that the leaves are beautiful!

have you considered a shorter dress, maybe tea length?
I did consider a short dress!  It was a short dress that got me into this whole dress mess – I stopped in that boutique to look and this short dress caught my eye, and I thought it was a nice compromise between super fancy and “me.”  Well, that started my trying dresses on and what I ended up buying was definitely not short. It even has a train. Oops.

what is the theme/feel of the wedding?
Not everything is arranged yet, but this is what we’re picturing: a nice ceremony with some tradition tied in, some readings, and (I think) a blessing of the rings.  Then, a Quaker marriage-type certificate, pictures in a canoe, and brunch and dancing to bluegrass music! After all of this, hanging out with friends and family and eating and drinking and playing games and basking in being married.  Omg I am SO excited.

where is it? how formal will it be?
It’s near a pond in MA, where we can legally marry, and I think my last answer probably gives you an idea of the formality of it.

Send me your questions!  Otherwise I will bore you with wedding stuff you don’t care about, or non-wedding stuff you don’t care about.  Seriously, today someone told me to write about my dog, and I will, if you don’t distract me.  And Turtle and I are probably the only ones who are entertained by that. Maybe not even Turtle.

The Beast herself (and her favorite human):

photo by Ellie Leonardsmith


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3 responses to “Basic facts and information

  1. I like the shoes! And that website ships to Canada. I’m bookmarking it 🙂

  2. Those shoes are oddly adorable. Too bad I’m still on a heel-embargo.
    And pictures in a CANOE????? YAY! We should be friends. My dream wedding was on a lake so we could take pictures in a canoe/ocean kayaks. But Mark doesn’t want to do a second engagement session, so I’m pretty sure I could talk my photographer into doing a TTD/bridal session that involves a canoe.

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