So Which One of You is Wearing the Dress, Part III

So yesterday I talked about our first bridal shop experience and how we left empty-handed.  After a couple of days and after looking some more at the pictures we took, I was glad I hadn’t bought either of the dresses that I had considered.  Even though I liked them and they looked really nice, they weren’t quite *me*.  That said, I wasn’t sure what would be “me,” or how to find it.

When Turtle’s dress arrived at David’s Bridal and we planned a trek up to pick it up, I realized that I wanted to try on some of their dresses!  I didn’t like the idea of getting a dress from a chain – especially a chain of dresses named after some man who will probably never wear one of his dresses – but I did like a lot of the dresses on their website, and I definitely liked their prices.  I also liked the idea of being able to try on a dress and compare it to Turtle’s dress to see if it clashed horribly.  Yes, I was trying to get over the “two dresses is weird” thing.

So this was the dress experience I was looking for.  I tried on a ton of dresses – pretty ones, laughable ones, ones I considered, and even one that I took off before I left the dressing room.  Here are some of them! Please forgive the facial expressions, which are more of a reflection of my relationship with the camera than my relationship with the dresses (or the photographer!)

I liked all of these, but didn’t love any, once again.  The first one I almost loved, but then Turtle pointed out that there were flowers embroidered all around the bottom of the dress and all the way out along the long, long train.  And apparently David’s won’t remove the train.  It’s just cutting off fabric, isn’t it?! Okay, I admit to knowing very little about dress modification, etc.  Anyway, that was something they couldn’t do much about, and I do not like the flowers.

The next one was gorgeous… but so not me.  I felt really pretty, but I felt like I was playing dress up.  The last two were closer to what I was looking for (because somewhere along this process, I began to actually look for something), but still not quite right.  I couldn’t picture myself as myself in these dresses – I just felt like some kid playing dress up, not like a woman getting married.  Not like a bride, whatever that is supposed to feel like.

And then I tried on the dress.  Turtle kept being unsure that I found the one I wanted because I seemed so calm and calculated.  But I liked it.  I really liked it.  And I didn’t get some huge, moving feeling like it was the one.  Some people do, and I am not one of those people.  But it was a dress I could wear.  I felt pretty in it, but not too delicate.  It was not going anywhere, and it looked nice next to Turtle’s dress.  On top of that, it had pockets!  I tried it on twice.

Here is the back, for you, because I’m not giving out the full pictures until after I am Mrs. WhateverOurLastNameWillBe. Unless I’m not a Mrs. Um, anyway, here is the dress:

Kindly ignore the tag, and focus on the beautiful, simple folds, the straps crossing in the back… whew. I really, really like this dress. Did I mention it has pockets?

So I bought it.  My mom was relieved (yay, a dress!), Turtle was skeptical (are you sure you want this one? do you want to wait a little longer?), but I bought it, and I thought it was the right decision. I was a little sad about not doing the vest thing, but I tried not to think about that.

When my dress finally arrived, David’s emailed me, and I went to pick it up before roller derby practice almost a month later.  No, it seems I am not one of those brides who rushes out to get her dress.  Honestly, I was nervous that it *wasn’t* the right dress – that I would get there and be horribly disappointed.  And then they brought it out and unzipped it and looked it over – and I felt a little flutter.  Yes, I fluttered – I fluttered over a dress.  This is so my dress.  And I love it.

(But just in case you were worried that I was giving up on something that had been so important to me… I’m not.  I’m totally planning on wearing a vest and pants for the reception – I love this dress but am not entirely sure I can dance comfortably in it, though I think I’ll manage getting in and out of a canoe.  So I’m still on a mission to find a vest and pants, if you have suggestions. Yay, everyone is happy! Even if I’m a little less rich. Or poorer. Depending on how you look at it.)


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