Make with the happy! or, Embarassing Hair Pictures

So sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t write nice things about my life or our wedding.

Tonight, lucky you, is not one of those times.

Tonight, I would like to talk about hair.  Unfortunately, I do not have as many pictures as I would like to show you my many fabulous hair experiences, but I will do what I can.

In the internet wedding blogging world, everyone talks about hair.  They show their hair up and down and in a pony tail.  Here are three pictures of me with my hair up, down, and, um, swept to the side?

Uh, spunky, right?

Pageboy much?

current hair, swept to the side (plus pretty ring!)

So that is my current hair. In fact, I took those pictures, goofy face and all, just now, just for you. You’re welcome.  For everyone’s entertainment, though, I thought I would post some pictures of my hair over the years – not chronologically, but from shortest to longest.  Comments and laughter welcomed.

This was at a folk festival, the first time I shaved my head.  I LOVED this, though I don’t think my parents would for my wedding, and I do factor in their thoughts on some things.  I think hair is something not worth fighting over.

Short and simple.

On my first road trip with Fancee (whom I’ll be referring to as Turtle from here on because she insists she needs a nickname (she calls me Bird), and in a fit of belligerent silliness, I agreed that she did and that she is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, and probably tastes good in soup, so she’ll be turtle.  I’m not really sure where that all came from.  Plus I like to think that if I knocked her on her back, she’d have a hard time getting up.).

The fauxhawk meets swoop hair.

Derby event with my derby wife, Estrogeena Davis. Face cut out to protect the innocent 🙂  There was a sign on my arm that said “I’ll hit you for a dollar,” and I’m pretty sure I made a couple bucks that night.

Fauxhawk hair!

Our first date! Derby prom 08.  She’s so pretty 🙂 It was her first prom ever! I think we went home at 9, and talked about getting married after a beer or two. Or just one. Okay, it was half a beer.

Fauxhawk take two, with my little brother in the background. Post-derby photo shoot.

The bob. Simple and sweet.

This was in college, presenting a study I had done.

The bob, again.  Earlier in college. Like? Don’t like? Tell me your thoughts. i think I could get here by September if I wanted to…

Looong hair. This was just before I cut off 11 inches to get that cute bob up there.  The 11 inches are all packaged up nicely for Locks for Love and are still in my apartment somewhere.  Don’t tell Turtle.

Scowl! Long hair is hard!

So I’m not thinking anything super fancy for our wedding, but I want to be able to do something, so I’m growing it out now.  Not sure I love my long hair, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts.

Also, re: wedding hair, I love the idea of a delicate headband or something with leaves on it, if I can make it feel like me… what a strange thing, that some things look good but still dont’ feel authentic, and that hair can be one of those.



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5 responses to “Make with the happy! or, Embarassing Hair Pictures

  1. Ellie Leonardsmith

    Wow, I hadn’t seen pictures of your long hair in a while! It doesn’t seem like the same you I know now. But, it’s always hard to transition from what we’re used to. My two cents is that I love your hair best in the fauxhawk length stage. Not that you have to do a fauxhawk for your wedding… but that length can be made to look pretty and wedding-y, but is still short enough to be the short-hair Miranda I know and love. That is all! I support whatever you choose!

  2. Allison Chandler

    I, too, almost forgot what you looked like with long(er) hair. The short hair just seems so much more you, at least now. But obviously, you’ll be so pretty either way.
    And, for the record, the fact that you haven’t sent in that hair after our dramatic hair-cutting session in 5B makes me a little sad.

    • re: allison’s comment —

      the fact that i found the (hidden) cut-off hair a few times after she and i moved in together, and that i had to be all: MIRANDA. THIS. IS. GROSS. so she would finally let the hair be thrown away, well that makes me sad, and a wee bit grossed out.

  3. Emily

    Your bob looks pretty, but short hair looks like you.

    Miranda, do you wear your engagement ring on your right hand? Do people give you shit about it? They give me shit about it.

    Also, hello old friend 🙂 It’s great to see you so happy.

    • HI Emily! So good to hear from you 🙂 Congratulations on being engaged! Are you wedding planning? I would love to hear about a sane person doing wedding planning – I seem to be addicted to wedding websites that I don’t love and can’t look away from.

      I’m not wearing my engagement ring on my right hand… I just took a picture from my computer, so it’s reflection-esque. One thing I find interesting, though not surprising, is how many people think I have a fiance rather than a fiancee. 🙂

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