Make-up post of awesome

So as I said before, I’ve been a posting slacker, so tonight, I make up for it! Two posts for you! Unless I get tired halfway through this and give up.

Everyone who was supposed to should have received their StDs (hehe) yesterday, so it is now safe for me to post about them!  So here goes 🙂

As I said in a previous post, we found the stamp to use and then were on a mission to figure out how to use it.  We looked around online and decided we like something like this (found on WeddingBee):

by Miss Hamster - click on link for source

We talked about doing our pictures or a picture of us on one side and our stamp opposite the picture, similar to what you see here.  Then on the back we would have the details – when, where, wedding website, etc.  Sounds good, right?

Then we get to PaperSource to pick out our supplies.  We have a sense of what we’re looking for, so this is the easy part, right? Yes, until I’m late and Turtle finds the basket of samples and gets a whole NEW idea.

And so, with just a stamp and a vague sense of colors we like (ahem, if we were to have colors. not that we have discussed this at length. *cough cough*), we perused the store, picked up some stuff, and headed home.

The ultimate design ended up being strips of pretty blue paper wrapped around the brown cards.  We stamped the blue paper and hand wrote details on the cards, with our wedding site URL on the back. Not too fancy, but fun and crafty, and gets the idea across!

Instructions are as follows:

Step one: Make a mess. Spread all potential supplies across workspace, even if you will not yet be using them.

Step two: CAREFULLY stamp the strips of paper your fiancee ripped by hand to specific measurements. What not to do includes dropping the stamp directly onto any supplies. Not that I did that. That anyone saw. Hm.

Step three: Stop taking pictures of the process and finish the darn STDs (hehe) already! Sorry no pictures of details. If you wanted them.

Step Four: Make sure all the cards say the right thing in the right places. Place in envelopes.

Step five: Cut out and affix pretty leaves to the back of envelopes. My sister gave me the leaf design cutter for my birthday and I was so excited to incorporate it!

Step six: Feel accomplished for a little while (at least an hour) before realizing that your wedding is only about 7 months away and this is a minor detail amongst all the planning. Eek! Readygo!


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  1. sister

    Correction: mother gave her the leaf punch out for her birthday.

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