My favorite adventure…

My doctor finally called me back and upped my dose of drugs from a very experimental, hope-it-doesn’t-make-you-sick, 1/4 of a normal dose to a this-might-do-something-for-you, 1/2 a normal dose. I’ve been on this 1/2 dose for two days, and today is a *huge* difference from Saturday.  It’s kind of amazing, this difference – to feel more like myself, instead of feeling so awful and knowing that fit’s irrational, but feeling it anyway. Where on Saturday I spent a portion of the day hiding under the covers and crying, today I finished our Save the Date cards! Yay for being a real person!

The other thing that we spent some time on today was looking for somewhere new to live.  Now that we finally have a place for everything and have finished hanging up our art, it’s time to go somewhere else!  No, the actual reason is that this weekend we realized just how loud our current living situation is.

Right now, we live in a parking lot, surrounded by auto repair shops and right next door to Enterprise. I don’t know how Enterprise is to deal with as a customer, but I do know that they are bad neighbors – blasting their music, and being very rude when we ask them to turn it down when we can still hear it with windows and doors closed and our own music blaring.

So this is the upside of no derby and of Fancee’s not having a job – we can just go!  Our schedules are flexible, we can get anywhere with our car (we’ve had it for 2 weeks tomorrow), and we are ready for adventure! We are looking for a house, or even just a portion of a house, where there aren’t fuel trucks driving in and out every day, and where maybe there is a grassy spot for our dog to run around in.

Do you ever want to just up and move?  I feel like this could be our chance…

Some adorable houses (and that’s just the outsides!):

from craigslist

source: craigslist

source: craigslist

source: craigslist

As much as I know I hate packing, and moving is expensive, I love the idea of starting somewhere new, starting somewhere together as the five of us (ahem, that’s the two of us plus a dog and two cats), making a home together with *our* things.  I love the idea of being able to let Daphne out into the yard at night, and to not have to worry about neighbors.  I love the idea of having an address without an apartment number tacked on the end.  I love the idea of creating a home with my fiancee that will be ours for a long time to come…


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  1. Kelsey

    I know this quiet town, a little South of Boston. Apartments available convenient to the commuter rail… 🙂

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