Rough day for Roughit (or, Today’s the DAY!)

What do you do when you’re waiting for big news?

This afternoon we have our last scrimmage as the freshmeat class of 2010, and get a call/email an hour or two afterwards to find out if we made it and which team we’re on if we did.

So far I have cleaned the apartment, gotten clothes ready for derby tonight, walked (and lost and found) the dog, watched TV and bickered with my lady because obviously it’s her fault that today is a rough day.

Trying to keep busy and not think about what will or won’t happen this evening. After work this morning, we’re going to work on finishing our Save the Dates (STDs in wedding world, which I find endlessly amusing). Preview for you:

STDs are exhausting.

Other exciting things to come in my attempts to distract myself: Our engagement party!

Leading relationship jeopardy with my sister!

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