The Important Things

The Affianced is leaving her job, and in the midst of this we got our joint credit card bill and realized that neither of us has been tracking our spending on the card, and it’s just after the holidays (hello, overspending) and I just bought a car.  We are suddenly overwhelmed with payments that need to be made, and the awareness that the Affianced is about to lose her health insurance, and the realization that our original plan to put a certain amount of money a month into our wedding account is just not realistic anymore.

The best part of this is that it has made us really consider what is important. Here are some of the things that are important:

  • Tea and milk. These are things that we must always have on hand for our sanity and our bellies’ happiness.
  • Sweaters, because sometimes the heat needs to stay low.
  • Food and medication for our menagerie, because they are our family.
  • Boardgames/card games, because this is good, healthy entertainment.

These are all things that we can manage to continue to have without being overwhelmed.

The Affianced giving a thumbs up to sweaters and blankets

The situation also made us briefly reconsider our wedding.  Should we give up our deposit and instead of getting married at the Lodge, get married in my parents’ backyard with an ipod instead of live music, and 15 people instead of 50? Should we get married just the two of us and our one witness each at town hall?

No.  We realized that the wedding itself is really important to us.  The process of creating it is important; the people we want to be there are important, all 50 or so of them.  And flowers are important, even if we grow them on our deck instead of using a fancy florist.  And good food is important, even if we haven’t figured out what kind of food or where it’s coming from.

Most importantly, though, is that I will be there, and she will be there, and our community will be there to support us, and even if we’re living in a box on the street with our neurotic dog and defective cats, we’ll have each other and the people who care about us.

Thumbs up for wedding activities (isn't that a pretty ring on her finger??)


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